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Union Renewable Development Platform
Union Renewables Development Platform

Creating transparency between Member States interested in statistical transfers

About the platform

The platform aims to support EU countries interested in renewable energy cooperation mechanisms and in particular, statistical transfers

Statistical transfers are one of 3 types of renewable energy cooperation mechanisms, as defined in the Renewable Energy Directives 2009/28/EC and (EU) 2018/2001. They provide flexibility for EU countries to increase their statistical renewable energy share which serves to meet their 2020 renewable energy targets and their planned national contribution to the 2030 Union renewables target respectively.

According to the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2021/2003, the data on the Union renewable development platform must only be available to EU countries and the Commission. Therefore, the access to the platform is only possible for authorised persons and contact points in the EU countries. The publicly available information from the platform, such as a guidance document and a template agreement, can be found here.